What a disaster

In the Chargers last 9 games they’ve only had 2 Wins. Both to the Chiefs. 

I’ve decided that since no one has mentioned that on any NFL sportscast that it’s official. No one cares about San Diego anymore.

It’s also time to make 3 big replacements in San Diego. Head coach, G.M and QB.


It’s a hard fall from the top

The saddest days of the year came this past Saturday when #2 Oregon played #13 Stanford.

That loss broke my heart, and so many other Eugeneians and Duck falls all over. It was also a big loss for an amazing statistic that Oregon held for 36 games.

There were 36-0 when leading at halftime.

And in other news, the Chargers still suck. Someday they will fire Norv… And A.J Smith just for the hell of it.